Past Shows

14 March 2015

Neon Crosses the Road

Guests: RBCP, JAGTV, BAZ, GORDO (sorry I forgot to shout ya out), and TURBO
We call about purses, discuss Pacman and Bonnie’s Intervention. We call a lady about a Facebook shopping day. We talk to a guy about used phones, open/closed fists and the undefeated champion of prank calls. Tangie is Ken and really knows Dwight about a family reunion. Some guy has large and banty eggs for banty boys. Mr. Jones discusses his professionalism about selling EDC and knowing Pasquale. RBCP provides pizza numbers. We banter about sugar and telling people “not to do that in our store.” Baz, Gordo and Turbo join to call UK wankers and other countries who love Neon enough to put it in their business name.