Past Shows

25 June 2015

Neon Keys a Car

Neon calls M1chelle’s dad about a Queen Sized Pillow-top mattress. Her dad won’t let her talk on the phone. We ask a guy about Convict Fish and if he wants to play fish trivia. A lady finds out that Brad=sexy by giving out free bread. We call about EDC rides and a chick tells us to stop calling because we are Britney’s friend. We speak Romanian cool to a lady selling a toddler slide. We ask a guy about a kitty scratch post and find out why this guy doesn’t like going out. We call the Crazy Horse and talk to a pushy bouncer to find our friend. Conference Interference: We shoot the breeze with Gordo, Baz, Yokel and Pearlman in a conference but leave abruptly.
After Show: We ask a lady about her dancing years at a gentleman’s club in the 1950’s. We call a different club and ask about it being EBT friendly and if we can audition. A chick yells for Mike Hawk and lets us know the men there are concerned. A donut worker is patient with our nicest call ever of the evening.