Past Shows

23 February 2015

Neon Kills the Pain

Guests: JagTV and Gilmour (Gilmumbo)
Scarlet gets a Neon Shoutout at 7:31-7:45
We call swap/shop peeps to give freezers away, inquire about a double faucet and ask a stylist about giving Neon a Gilmumbo haircut. We finally get ahold of Noonoo’s creepers by calling a Rabbi, George “Data” Takei. Jag tries to win his man-hands ex with a rolling pin and crafts. Another Noonoo number pans out when Jagtv sings June a duet from Titanic while Gilmumbo chants in the background. Jagtv calls as an obese person wanting an exercise bike while listing all his fave foods.