Past Shows

05 January 2015

Neon Lights It Up

Guest: Dwight
Neon’s First Show ever! We call a guy with a new cell phone. We speak with Eddie about his being a disabled vet and renting out rooms to puppet show/webcam girls. Austin’s’95 Chevy is sold; Neon tells him to take the ad down. We ask Debbie about living on Rock n Roll Hill. We ask a guy if his hound coon puppy likes nachos. Shout out to Ophiax for Lil Wayne appreciation! We ask a guy about coconut-headed garbage pail kids and complete sets. Dwight calls a PS3 lady and accuses her of Mexican Haggling. A lady uses Nike Shocks for dinner time. We call new FB numbers and ask a chick to party. We call about a photoshoot for garbage pail girls. A room for rent call gets a little heated just like J.R.’s jean call.