Past Shows

06 March 2015

Neon Stacks the Odds

Late Night Jiad/APL Aftershow
Guests: Steven Aspinwall and Gilmour
We call a guy about radios/phones. A lady gets mad and thinks we are mutual friends by sending a shout out of “F you” to some peeps. Nando isn’t selling dime-bags. Gilmour and Aspinwall join to talk to a Kanaka/Haole who is selling a car with the colors of Hawaii. A mom selling a baby bed tells us a lot of weird stuff about her and her hairy husband. We get in touch with an old man UK wanker named Carter to ask about rumpy-pumpy. We stick to UK by calling ASDS’ Pharmacy. We banter a little with Gilmour and Aspinwall before we end.