Past Shows

01 April 2015

Neon’s Dream Divine

Guests: RBCP, Dwight, Turbo, Gordo, Baz, Dashie
Neon calls FB ads for a Typhoon and movies with a Bollywood section. Tommy has an S10 and enjoys the weirdness. Neon calls a C/L ad about a hanging pot rack with a suspicious background. She then calls as a meat grinder to a guy’s cotton gin. RBCP joins with some kanaka haircut numbers. Turbo talks to a guy about a grenade. Dwight wants his change jar back a haircut client stole. Neon tells Paz she’s crossing him out. Neon tells a grandmother no more native haircuts because that type of hair ruins the clippers. Turbo and Baz try to rent out a Frog Farm. Neon calls about someone looking for a record player; they get mad when RBCP tells them they are fired. We call George and he is really rude—he must have had a bad haircut!