Past Shows

27 February 2015

Neon’s Four Letter Word

No Guests Allowed
Tonight Neon is running solo as a Time Bandit for RBCP’s PCN Clock. Wanker wake-ups to start the show; we ask if a guy is sad for Sad-urday! Fb’rs and more UK folks! Neon talks to her mum around 38:16. A wanker actually understands cockney slang. Neon shows adoration for the Oracle known as TheN and his important letters that make the beginning and end of Neon.
Neon calls Vu and talks about Orange County, what kind of car he drives, and for him to say,” You’re listening to the Neon Nites Show,” as well as going out for Pho (fuh). (1:30:00) Vu asks Neon if she’s trolling him at (1:40:04). George makes a last minute call request from the PCN IRC!

All show music is dedicated to a special person that continuously makes an emotional impression on Neon.