Prank Calls

NEON Plays Games

NEON DOES A LATE SHOW WITH LOTS OF PHONES RINGING! In this creepy and very late show NEON talks to the designated driver turned pool salesman! We talk to the screaming... Read More
March 2016

Neon’s Prank Tank

NEON DOES A SHOW AND TAKES FOREVER TO POST TO PODCAST! Neon calls a lady who answered the phone in her car.  Some weird dude tells us he has a... Read More
February 2016

NEON Breaks Hearts

  NEON SHOW! woohoooooooo! GUEST: BAO_GREHL, CARBON and IPOKESMOT NEON calls some pretty awesome people! We ask Frank’s wife about his rockers and describe Tom’s ink cartridges. We leave random messages and call... Read More
February 2016

Neon Calls You

  NEON DOES A SHORT SHOW AND FORGETS TO UPLOAD IT TO PODAST! LOSER! GUEST: BAO GREHL No phone ringing but packed with pranks! NEON calls random people from a... Read More
January 2016

Neon Takes Her Fifteen

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!! OMG NEON New Year’s EVE EVE SHOW! GUEST: BAO GREHL We call a sleepy lady about a trailer that sleeps 8 people, and a lady thinking... Read More
December 2015

Neon’s Christmas Formal

MERRRRRRYYYY CHRIIIISSSTTTTMAAAAS!!!!! Neon does a show for Christmas Eve Eve by calling garage sale listings, dog listings, your mom’s listings, and banjo ads. We call the black walnut guy back to... Read More
December 2015

Neon Turns it On

NEON DOES A LIVE SHOW ON PCN! GUEST: BAO GREHL Neon does her weekly Wednesday live show on prankcallnation!!! In this show, we call Swap n Shop folks about golf... Read More
December 2015

Neon is Close to You

  OMG! A NEON SHOW WITH COOL EFFECTS! Guest: BAO GREHL In this show we call about random stuff from online ads about vacuums, Christmas trees, Oriental tables, a cello,... Read More
December 2015

Neon Goes Hard in the Prank

  Neon Goes Hard in the Prank! Guests: Stevenaspinwall and Bao Grehl Special Ed. thanks to Stevenaspinwall and Parkman for supplying numbers! In this episode we call Craigslisters like a creepy... Read More
December 2015

Neon Really Gives a Prank

“Wanker Lady!” Guests: Carbon and Jin Stewart Neon’s Giving of Pranks show includes numbers from Carbon and NooNoo. We call UK for people selling stuff, Australian “Naggars” and businesses, Indian... Read More
November 2015

Neon Reaches Out and Touches Someone

“Get ’em a body bag!” GUEST: CARBON Neon shows up for her regular show to reach out and touch someone. We do numbers Carbon sent us from Indian restaurants, Swap/Shop, and... Read More
November 2015

Neon Like Bjork

NEON LIKE BJORK GUESTS: RBCP, BAO GREHL AND STEVENASPINWALL NEON represents the BJORK that represents the NEON with a show. We call a bunch of old numbers like Halloween costume... Read More
November 2015