Prank Calls

Neon Says ¡Viva La Revolución!

¡Viva la Revolución! Neon does a show to show the show what’s up by doing a show!  Neon calls a bunch of Swap/Shop folks about a freezer, some cat stuff, pickups, clothes... Read More
November 2015

Neon’s Too Fucked up to Care Anymore

NEON DID IT AGAIN OMG!!!!!! Here Neon calls Australian numbers that didn’t answer for the last show. We speak on behalf of the National Rhyming Agency to people with funny... Read More
November 2015

Neon’s Prank Koalas

HAPPY AUSTRALIA “PERTH” DAY!! Guests: Carbon and Bao Grehl  <3 Neon calls Swap n Shop numbers about snow blowing, black walnuts, bushels, and shape racists. We talk to wigger Australians... Read More
November 2015

Neon’s Altered State

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! <3 YAY it’s another NEON show this time with HALLOWEEN POWER! wooooOO!O!OOOOo!!!! GUESTS: BAO GREHL, CARBON_BRAH, GLORIA Come on down to funky-town!! Listen to us call some... Read More
October 2015

Neon Pranks the Future

NEON returns for the future of Pranks and CHINA!!!!! Special Thanks to Steven Aspinwall and Carbon_brah for AWESOME numbers! <3 GUESTS: Carbon_brah, Gloria  ZOMG! Here we go for an awesome... Read More
October 2015

Neon Nites: Neon Goes All The Way

OMG it’s a NEON NITES SHOW ON PCN!!!! Hi everyone, it’s a very short show only because I forgot to do something and had to go somewhere. Soorry! This show is... Read More
October 2015

976Neon: NN’s the World

Woohoo, new Neon show! It’s the END OF THE WORLD!!!! GUESTS: CARBON_Brah, LLAMA, GLORIA, BAOGREHL Welcome Baogrehl to the show!!! In this episode of 976Neon Neon calls random Craigslist people... Read More
September 2015

976NEON: Neon’s Hot Tits

OMG! Neon shoe! GUESTS: RBCP, LLAMA, CARBON_BRAH, and STEVEN ASPINWALL Welcome Carbon_brah to the show! We call craigslist and Sunday Swapper people selling random stuff; we call the pool heater... Read More
September 2015


      Neon calls lots of people! In no particular order: Neon returns the prank favor and calls Canadian Craigslist Bronies to see if anyone is working or alive. Neon... Read More
September 2015


<3 GO TO 976NEON.COM for ALL NEW, ALL NEON, ALL THE TIME!<3 Hi everyone! Here’s a show I took forever to update from Friday, Sept. 4th! GAWD! GUESTS: Steven Aspinwall,... Read More
September 2015

Neon Returns the Awesum <3

          Neon returns after a short hiatus. Here are two shows edited in to one from 8-19-15 and 8-23-15. Guest: Gloria Neon calls Craigslisters about their... Read More
September 2015

Neon Pranks-R-Die

First real edited Neon Nites Show! Welcome Gloria! Neon returns to call up some petowners thanks to a list provided by RBCP/”J”. Gloria joins Neon for the crazy pet calls as well as Gloria getting... Read More
August 2015