Prank Calls

Neon Madhouse Nites

Guests: Carlito, Evil Artie, Dwight, Gordo Neon calls people selling stuff. We have some interesting calls about golfclubs, turkey calls and a hilarious woman selling honey and bees. We call... Read More
April 2015

Neon Jags Off

Welcome Evil Artie! Guests: Jagtv, StevenAspinwall, Carlito, Baz, Enigma420, Evil Artie Neon takes over Jagtv’s slot before Science and calls StevenAspinwall’s numbers to a massage parlor. Neon talks with Jagtv’s... Read More
April 2015

Neon Keeps Promises OMG

WELCOME BACK TRAINWRECK!!!! Guests: Trainwreck and Mistress Morgan Neon calls a guy looking to rent a basement and tells him he’ll be caged before she GHF’s him. Neon asks a... Read More
April 2015

Neon’s Dream Divine

Guests: RBCP, Dwight, Turbo, Gordo, Baz, Dashie Neon calls FB ads for a Typhoon and movies with a Bollywood section. Tommy has an S10 and enjoys the weirdness. Neon calls... Read More
April 2015

Neon Goes Swimming

The Shortest Neon Pre-Madhouse Live show ever! Neon calls StevenAspinwall numbers! Thank you!!! The first is a kanaka lady about animal skins to see if they are hardworking or smelly.... Read More
March 2015

Neon’s Pot o’ Gold

Guests: Carlito, Baz, Dwight, Turbo Neon talks to a guy about puppies and the size of his tummy. She then talks to a guy about fishing lures and a sleepy... Read More
March 2015

Neon Crosses the Road

Guests: RBCP, JAGTV, BAZ, GORDO (sorry I forgot to shout ya out), and TURBO We call about purses, discuss Pacman and Bonnie’s Intervention. We call a lady about a Facebook... Read More
March 2015

Neon Loves Sushi

Neon wishes Travis a Happy Birthday with a new show! We call a Christian about a Plymouth Fury. Neon calls a dealership asking for a head check and if it... Read More
March 2015

Neon Spins the Wheel

Madhouse Pre-Show Neon runs solo on a short Madhouse Live Pre-show. We talk to a boat cleaner who is interested in taling with ladies. Neon tries to talk a guy... Read More
March 2015

Neon Stacks the Odds

Late Night Jiad/APL Aftershow Guests: Steven Aspinwall and Gilmour We call a guy about radios/phones. A lady gets mad and thinks we are mutual friends by sending a shout out... Read More
March 2015