Prank Calls

Neon Clears the Air

Madhouse Live Pre-Show Guests: Steven Aspinwall, Gilmour/Gilmumbo, Gordo We talk to a paint-baller, a coconut-head horse saddler and a Hispanic construction family. Gordo joins us for prank whistles and to... Read More
March 2015

Neon Captains the Nation

Guests: Gilmour/Gilmumbo and TheN!!! Neon calls for an ’89 Bass tracker to find out how much bass it can handle and track. Neon also calls for a car to see... Read More
February 2015

Neon’s Four Letter Word

No Guests Allowed Tonight Neon is running solo as a Time Bandit for RBCP’s PCN Clock. Wanker wake-ups to start the show; we ask if a guy is sad for... Read More
February 2015

Neon Kills the Pain

Guests: JagTV and Gilmour (Gilmumbo) Scarlet gets a Neon Shoutout at 7:31-7:45 We call swap/shop peeps to give freezers away, inquire about a double faucet and ask a stylist about... Read More
February 2015

Neon’s Two Minute Seduction

MadHouse Pre-Show for Carlito Guest: JagTV We call Fb’rs for a desk and a “69 GMC.” We also speak to a wannabe DS in Manitoba for cat grooming and talking... Read More
February 2015

Neon Keeps the Lights On

Guests: Carlito and Dwight The Shortest Neon Show ever complete with tons of music, 2 calls and 2 guests! #YOLO We call a “genie” and ask about candles. We also... Read More
February 2015

Neon Owns the World

Neon smooth-talks a guy and finds out his wife is overbearing. We also call to see if we can get some carpets cleaned with sexy music playing. Friday APL/Jiad After-show... Read More
February 2015

Neon’s Hard Limits

Guests: Steven Aspinwall, George, Dwight, Carlito, Gordo The Neon Nites show is brought to you by Lightworks. Our biggest IRC pervert, George, makes his PCN debut!! We interview George, ask... Read More
February 2015

Neon Drives the Roads (Madhouse Pre-Show)

Guests: Gordo, Dwight, and JagTV This is a short show to warm the Phone-hole for Carlito. We call Fb’rs and try to avoid the “noid” word as much as possible
February 2015

Neon’s Last Valentine

Friday Art of Phonelarking/JIAD After-show
Guests: George, Turbo and Carlito Neon welcomes George back to the PCN airwaves. Neon, George, Turbo, and Carlito call Fb’rs. We try to help a guy... Read More
February 2015