Neon Begs to Differ

Guests: Neon, Turbo, Trainwreck, RBCP and Carlito Early Neon show with RBCP approved audio levels!! Adjust accordingly for the yelling and excitement! Arbie provides RadioShack numbers: We find out what... Read More
February 2015

Neon Signs the Agreement

Guests: Neon, Turbo, Trainwreck, RBCP and Carlito Guests: Neon, Carlito, and Jag Neon and Jag put the charm on for a Facebooker. Carlito and Jag counsel the same guy with... Read More
February 2015

Neon Rides Again

Guest: Carlito Woohoo! A show with audio issues!!!! Turn up your volume ALL the way! We call FB’rs and ask about crazy stuff. We tell people to YOLO and talk... Read More
January 2015

Neon Revival

Guest: Carlito Neon’s Second Show ever!! We call a lady looking for a good home. Sean isn’t as moody as his name says. Krista talks about ride-alongs with Brazzers. We... Read More
January 2015

Neon Lights It Up

Guest: Dwight Neon’s First Show ever! We call a guy with a new cell phone. We speak with Eddie about his being a disabled vet and renting out rooms to... Read More
January 2015