prank calls

Neon Jags Off

Welcome Evil Artie!
Guests: Jagtv, StevenAspinwall, Carlito, Baz, Enigma420, Evil Artie
Neon takes over Jagtv’s slot before Science and calls StevenAspinwall’s numbers to a massage parlor. Neon talks with Jagtv’s ex-girlfriend to invite her to church for poor kids. Jagtv confuses an Iphone4 guy and a Can-Am dude up. Carlito calls a guy about a Hyundai machine. Neon and Carlito call a lady about wanting an incubator; she tells Carlito to go to hell. Jagtv calls about a Lil Bobby Goat and wants a nanny goat for his NooNoo goat. Baz asks about a free couch/hospital bed and wheelchair. We call a lady about a wedding dress. Artie asks a guy about jobs. StevenAspinwall drives crazy, honking his horn and cussing out a guy looking for a record player.

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