prank calls


NEON calls a rude lady with an attitude and then calls her back to make her mad. A guy talks about clothes on the next call. Time for NOONOO UK Wankers: We talk to Jawa from the Star Wars Corporation and a hug. A guy doesn’t understand what Big Foot is or accept a date from NEON. Back in the States, A guy getting to sleep talks about suitcases. NEON tries looking for a man with 8 inches. A lady wants to talk shit and threatens to call the sheriff.  NEON gets crazy with her voice changer and laughs for the patreon peeps forever using it. We leave a voicemail, NEON’s chair breaks during the laugh fest. Last call is letting a lady know NEON is looking for her mommy after aliens took her.

Thanks for the love and support, weirdos and phone phreaks!

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Thank you to all the listeners and supporters!  <3