prank calls


Happy 4th of July!!

NEON calls from the inside of the phone and asks to spray paint an American flag on people’s houses and cars for patriotism. We call from the Office of Cancel Culture to know how American people are in the morning. NEON calls from the HOA again to let folks know their houses will be bulldozed for America. We ask a guy about foreigners and let them know we are looking for American Assholes, need a body count and to remind them it is a prank call. NEON talks to some tough chicks about being telephone protesters. We let a guy know we are spying on him because he seems really interested in talking. Last calls are to a really sweet Southern folks that tell us how they spent the day.

Thanks for the love and support, weirdos and phone phreaks!

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Thank you to all the listeners and supporters!  <3