prank calls

NEON’s Fuck Prank Calls 6 Year Anniversary SHOW!!

Happy Anniversary to NEON brought to you by NEON and all for NEON!

Thank you to all my supporters for the 6 years of NEON calls. Support those who support you through the pick-ups and hang-ups.

We have lots of pick-up/hang-ups. NEON talks to a guy about dinner and being friends. More wellness checks to past callers to make sure they are not dead yet. NEON establishes no rules for her anniversary show only to be NICE, just be NICE to everyone! NEON talks to a NICE lady from Walmart about video games and life. A lady in bed casts judgment but then ends up taking over for a podcast discussion about being NICE in the world. NEON calls the White Headphones perv about a party, Kardashians, and how he should talk to women on the phone. Last call is to a guy who may miss the parade outside if he does not wake up.

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Thank you to all the listeners and supporters!  <3